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Fear me.

2007-12-19 02:56:35 by CarlHyperweevil

For I have Nachos!

If you need a sample of my work, go to my favorites and check out Project B Episode II. I provide the voice of SageClock (The Green dude!). Huge thumbs up to Athenais who did an excellent job on it. It was recorded about a year or so ago, so my ranges have improved (slightly) and I can do a bit more than what I was limited to back then (As in my Shouts and yells are more diobolical sounding. Mawhawhawhaw).

If you're interested, I can whip up a new sample whenever needed and will most likely say whatever you want. Need me to say "Thar be a pansy in mah Cola Can" ? It shall be done!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and possibly consider me as a possible candidate. I Really Appreciate it, even though I may not even be able to provide a single line to any of you works.