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Lvl 20 Voice Actor Looking for Group

2007-08-19 04:59:30 by CarlHyperweevil

If you need a sample of my work, go to my favorites and check out Project B Episode II. I provide the voice of SageClock (The Green dude!). Huge thumbs up to Athenais who did an excellent job on it. It was recorded about a year or so ago, so my ranges have improved (slightly) and I can do a bit more than what I was limited to back then (As in my Shouts and yells are more diobolical sounding. Mawhawhawhaw).

If you're interested, I can whip up a new sample whenever needed and will most likely say whatever you want. Need me to say "Thar be a pansy in mah Cola Can" ? It shall be done!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and possibly consider me as a possible candidate. I Really Appreciate it, even though I may not even be able to provide a single line to any of you works.


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2007-08-19 06:57:36


If you want to voice act go to and sign up there. There are plenty of productions looking for auditions daily. No doubt you'll find what you're looking for. Just register and have fun. Its a great community!

- Kirk "Gotham" Landow


2007-08-19 07:34:00

He has a point, i'm looking for a VA to play the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy on there atm...


2007-10-17 02:58:17

I totally recommend this guy, he's great!

(What's up John? :D )