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Blockhead: Episode 10 Blockhead: Episode 10

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hilarious Stuff!

Especially The Weevil Stuff... As you could imagine.

Mario's Last Battle Mario's Last Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Its about time Bowser had thought to get that installed.

You woulda thought he'd have it sooner after the first couple of times.

10 out of 10

5 out of 5

All My Cheesecake are belong to this.

FlashBack 00 FlashBack 00

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fantastic work!

I do believe that you are well-deserving of this award, besides what some of the others say. Sure, you may have drawn it anime style (Which, don't get me wrong, its great and all), but its what you conveyed through it here that counts the most.

What you have done here, as Tom said, is embodied pretty much the awesomeness that is NG. How you send along this message matters not what scheme you use, but its the fact that you got it out there in a fluid, very well drawn creation. Stick Figures, American, Comic Book style, etc, etc. I can see why you picked Anime, as it is a more widely accepted form of animation than most others, and is more intuned to being used for Action purposes (As are American and Comic Book style. Back off nitpickers! I've got a matchstick!). Or it may just be the current style that you are most proficient at. Either way, you've got a solid piece of work here.

I give you a standing ovation, chant for an encore, and throw my panties on the stage... Wait..

I Look forward to seeing your next flash. Good Work!

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EvilSeed responds:

Exactly, and yes youre right, weve drawn this in an anime style, cause we like to draw like that and we wanted to show it to you guys, and theres nothing else than that... anyway thanks for the comment, ill try to do more in DAn DAN DAN "anime-style" perdition of human kind, boooooooooooooo oooo... XD

The Mario: Reloaded The Mario: Reloaded

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all...

Pretty nice flash you have goin' on here. I enjoyed it.

Secondly. Future People Reviewing this Flash:


Go on, look at it. Does the year not say 2003? And when was Super Mario Reloaded Submitted? That's right.. 2004! Oh Noes Travesty!

He didn't copy anyone, nor did anyone copy him. This author used the Matrix theme in the Mario universe, while the author of Super Mario Reloaded, used Mario Characters in the Matrix Universe. This author used Text and different lines, while the other used The actual audio from the movie.

There, I've had my rant.

My friend, fantastic movie for your first submission. *applause*

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